Boeing Assigns 777X Engineer To NMA Leadership Team

Boeing has appointed former 777X chief project engineer Terry Beezhold to an unspecified senior leadership role on its embryonic small twin-aisle program. read moreRead More

Setting New Standards

Sean Broderick FAA, in a notable step down the path towards safely integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the everyday movement of people and goods, is seeking input on the first publicly released set of airworthiness standards for a drone. read moreRead More

Airbus Receives A350-1000 Type Certificate

Certification of the largest twin widebody in the Airbus portfolio comes almost one year after the aircraft’s first flight. read moreRead More

Lufthansa Technik Sofia Readies For A320neo Services

James Pozzi Lufthansa Technik Sofia is targeting the winter 2018/2019 season as the introduction date for Airbus A320neo services. Daniel Hoffman, CEO of the Lufthansa Technik Sofia business, says the plan to add to its existing line and base maintenance approvals for A320...

Malaysia's Aerospace Sector Tipped For Growth

Henry Canaday, James Pozzi The Malaysian aerospace sector is expected to grow rapidly due to expansion in its fleet size and the rising trend of the migration of commercial MRO activities to the Asia-Pacific region.  Malaysia's MRO sector is expected to grow...

Selected U.S. military contracts for the week of Nov. 13-Nov. 17, 2017

Bell-Boeing JPO, Amarillo, Texas, is being awarded $10,056,839 for modification P00008 to a previously issued cost-plus-fixed-fee task order 0112, placed against basic ordering agreement N00019-12-G-0006. read moreRead More

Harris Completes JWST Testing

JWST TESTING — Harris Corporation has partnered with NASA’s Johnson Space Center to successfully complete thermal vacuum testing for the James Webb Space Telescope read moreRead More

Kona International Airport At Keahole (KOA)

View the Kona International Airport At Keahole (KOA) chart in PDF format. Read More

Fast Followers To Take On Aerospace Primes And OEMs

One way or another, prime contractors and OEMs will soon see more competition About $30-40 billion of lead program opportunities should be available for nontraditional defense bidders over the next five years. read moreRead More

News Of Business Aviation Promotions, Appointments And Honors

News of business aviation promotions, appointments and honors. read moreRead More

Business & Commercial Aviation News From December 1968

Business & Commercial Aviation News From December 1968 read moreRead More

Hawker 750: Operators Say Dispatch Reliability Is Rock Solid

Hawker 750 operators say dispatch reliability is rock solid, the aircraft is easy to fly and quiet, smooth and comfortable for passengers. read moreRead More

IS&S Autothrottle For The PT6A Is Significant Safety Advancement

Innovative Solutions & Support's autothrottle (A/T) system, now approved for first-generation Pilatus PC-12 turboprops, is virtually a takeoff-to-touchdown power management system for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A. read moreRead More

‘Snap Out Of It And Fly’: Systems For Initiating Go-Arounds

Many cockpits are missing a system for initiating go-arounds The stated purpose of the FAA SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) 17007 is to encourage “the development of training and line-operations policies that will ensure proficiency in manual flight operations is developed...

Rockwell Collins Takes AIM

Rockwell Collins has taken the idea of proactive aircraft data transfer a step further—in two directions—with its new Aircraft Information Manager. read moreRead More

Aircraft Systems Monitoring: Delivering Greater Safety And Efficiency

Aircraft systems monitoring and reporting is on the cutting edge of the digital age, recording and reporting everything from oil pressure at takeoff compared with the previous 49 takeoffs, to detecting faults in a sensor itself. read moreRead More

Requiem For A Heavyweight: Associated Air Center To Close

Associated Air Center to close at year-end. It became a leader in the global-executive, head-of-state and special-mission aircraft modification industry. read moreRead More

Outfitting Tips: Navigating Your First Completion

Completion of a business jet is a complex process, and if it’s a maiden voyage for you, it can be just as daunting as sailing the oceans in the time of Elizabeth I. read moreRead More

Air-To-Ground Connectivity Activity Continues Unabated

Action on the air-to-ground connectivity front continues unabated. read moreRead More

2017 Cabin Electronics: The Basics Still Matter

The entire information industrial complex is seeing enormous genuine potential in artificial intelligence, big data and machine-learning. read moreRead More