Social media focus brings in customers

For Harry Robinson Automotive Family, awarding a customer a kayak adds just as much value as selling a car. How? Through the power of Facebook likes.Read More

Electric will be a rude awakening

The industry's rush to EVs may come as a surprise to consumers who have no plans of replacing their internal combustion engines anytime soon.Read More

Last Cruze finds home with sentimental dealer ? for FCA

Dealer John Kufleitner, new owner of the last Chevrolet Cruze produced in Lordstown, Ohio, is inviting local residents to sit in it and take pictures before it joins his collection of classic cars.Read More

Plenty of lessons from Fiat's U.S. stumble

Fiat's failure in the U.S. must be evaluated from a complex set of factors, including timing and strategy, to understand the lessons from FCA's mistakes.Read More

Leaf Nismo RC: Nissan's lean, green, exciting road machine

Nissan is touting the performance chops of its zero-emission cars with a host of Nismo tuner packages on its Leaf and e-Power hybrid offerings.Read More

How long can Bigland work at FCA amid suit?

For now, the embattled sales chief, who has filed a whistleblower lawsuit, is focused on ensuring FCA and its dealers keep hitting their numbers each month, his lawyer said.Read More

Nissan's next look to get dose of Detroit

Global design chief Alfonso Albaisa is looking to big-name, outside talent like Lincoln's David Woodhouse to reboot the brand's U.S. fortunes as it readies a new look.Read More

Atlanta mobility hub sets Cox up to ride ?new wave'

A mobility fleet servicing center that opened last week in Atlanta could be a template for expansion by Cox Automotive's new mobility brand, Pivet.Read More

Industry sees threat to connected-car plans

Traffic safety advocates and transportation leaders are trying to protect a swath of the wireless spectrum for the auto industry in an effort to help vehicles in the connected-car future exchange safety messages and avoid crashes.Read More

Chinese EVs turn up heat on U.S.

If domestic automakers in the United States are unable to develop compelling electric vehicles that can compete with the Chinese, they are likely to lose market share, and the results would be a decrease in automotive exports as well as job losses.Read More

GM'S BARRY ENGLE: Pickup launches are in the spotlight

The new head of North American operations says his first priority is the rollout of the new full-size pickups.Read More

Toyota, Nissan, Honda making up for lost time

If Japan's carmakers were falling behind in the EV race, they are rapidly making up for lost time by pursuing scale, expanding overseas and focusing on offerings that are fun to drive.Read More

Ford expands AV testing to Detroit

The automaker, along with its autonomous vehicle development partner Argo AI, also tests in Pittsburgh, Miami, Washington and Palo Alto, Calif.Read More

Denso, Honeywell go airborne with plans for electric flying vehicles

Japanese supplier Denso is partnering with aerospace manufacturer Honeywell on a plan to develop electrification technologies for urban flying vehicles.Read More

VW seeks U.S. boost as counter to China

CEO Herbert Diess says recent international trade disputes have exacerbated the need to improve sales and profitability in the giant German automaker's long-struggling U.S. operations.Read More

Number to watch: $32.5 billion

The value of American auto parts shipments to Mexico in 2018 hit $32.5 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion over 2017, according to Commerce Department data.Read More

Amid turmoil, dubious decisions

Electrification is a need that has yet to be defined or practically evaluated, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.Read More

Foam role in auto manufacturing expands

Automakers are finding expanded uses for foam in manufacturing to reduce vehicle weight, deaden sound and even enhance comfort.Read More

Toyota to phase in new safety features

One will shut off the engine if left idling too long and the other will help prevent the vehicle from rolling away if the driver exits without shifting into park.Read More

An unlocked door in cybersecurity: The aftermarket

British researchers found they could hack a vehicle through off-the-shelf car alarms. That's a problem.Read More