Bozzella: Uncertainty remains as automotive restart efforts pick up

The CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that supply chain challenges, consumer confidence and a weakened economy remain industry concerns.Read More

Genchi genbutsu works every time

The Japanese principle of "go look, go see for yourself " is essential, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.Read More

VOLVO'S ANDERS GUSTAFSSON: Crisis shows more urgent need for future tech

Volvo Car USA's CEO sees life in a post-coronavirus world accelerating the digitalization of auto retail and adoption of new technologies, such as electrification.Read More

Trying times for would-be U.S. players

Plans to bring the Zotye brand to the U.S. have been iced, leaving money-losing Chery as the only Chinese automaker with any near-term prospects.Read More

Venezuelans jury-rig cars to avoid gas lines

The practice is illegal, has been linked to at least one explosion and can lead to health risks. But some citizens say it's better than waiting in line for days to fuel up.Read More

Police Explorers bring the heat to kill virus

Software available on Ford's Police Interceptor Utility vehicles uses the powertrain and climate control systems to heat the cabin to 133 degrees for 15 minutes to bake potential viruses.Read More

Crisis exposes agility gap in supply chain strategy

Modern automotive supply chains are monuments to human capacity to reap rising efficiency from increased global complexity, but the coronavirus exploses a costly lack of adaptability.Read More

In the gloom stands an optimist

Taking a transportation company public ... now? Nikola's Trevor Milton says the timing it right.Read More

Final conversation turns to marketing

Marketing executives Matt VanDyke of Ford, Kimberley Gardiner of Mitsubishi and Dean Evans of will be featured panelists in the final installment of Automotive News' "Congress Conversations" series.Read More

Parts and service in a pandemic

Snapshots of dealership service department activity amid disruptions caused by the coronavirus.Read More

Michigan flood snuffs out Fieros

The owner of Fieros Forever, which was washed away after two dams failed in Michigan, planned to retire and auction off the cars in April but had pushed back the timing because of the coronavirus pandemic.Read More

National emergency protects power grid

The president's decision to declare a national emergency because of the coronavirus had the unexpected benefit of protecting the nation's power grids, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.Read More

Mexico scrambles to meet U.S. need

Facing delicate economic conditions and steadily rising COVID-19 deaths, Mexico's auto industry is ramping up production to meet U.S. demand for parts and popular vehicles.Read More

Stage set for legal battle over fuel efficiency rules

A 23-state coalition is challenging the Trump administration's decision to lower annual increases in vehicle fuel efficiency through 2026.Read More

Ugly demand, meet ugly supply

The automotive market may be on an upward trajectory, but there's no question the industry is in a deep retraction with a long, hard road ahead.Read More

Achieving success takes a team effort

The 2020 Automotive News Rising Stars show the value of relationships in personal growth and business success.Read More

Dealers help out with vehicle sanitizing

A free vehicle-sanitizing event at Sellers Auto Group dealerships in southeast Michigan left some first responders and medical personnel in tears.Read More

Virus disruptions get shorter at UAW plants

Each of the Detroit 3 has had cases of the virus within their plants since they reopened, but new guidance from the CDC allowed them to halt the assembly lines for less time than originally anticipated.Read More

Range Rover at 50: The birth of luxury SUVs

The legendary nameplate succeeded against the odds -- and changed the industry.Read More

Remote work will broaden talent pool, Toyota exec says

Chris Reynolds says that in addition to the profound impact COVID-19 has had on manufacturing, it may have opened the door for companies to draw from a broader pool of talent because of experiences with working remotely.Read More