Defending data

Dealerships should be prepared for new privacy measures to combat online theft.Read More

Tavares: 'This award is for the employees of PSA'

PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares, Automotive News' 2019 Industry Leader of the Year, spoke last week at a ceremony honoring the winners of this year's All-Star Awards. Here are edited excerpts of his speech.Read More

UAW workers ratify FCA labor deal by broad margin

Fiat Chrysler's roughly 47,000 hourly UAW workers overwhelmingly ratified a new four-year labor contract, ending the most contentious set of Detroit 3 negotiations in years. Roughly 71 percent of workers voted in favor of the deal, the union said.Read More

Consumer privacy rules reach beyond California

Auto dealerships outside the Golden State should prepare to be regulated under the California Consumer Privacy Act or similar laws being proposed in other states, experts say.Read More

Mustang EV coupe likely, but not soon

The Mach-E crossover coming next year may not be the only battery-electric Mustang on the way to Ford Motor Co. dealerships.Read More

Tesla's wacky Cybertruck design inspired by Bond movie

Hours before unveiling the pickup, which the EV maker says it will start building in 2021, CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter: "Cybertruck design influenced partly by The Spy Who Loved Me."Read More

The Social Security hurdle facing online sales

Some consumers won't disclose their Social Security numbers or other personal info on the web, which can hamper dealerships' online-sales efforts.Read More

Vietnam?s richest man bets $2 billion to sell cars to Americans

VinFast follows a long list of Chinese automakers that have also had ambitions to sell vehicles in the U.S. going back more than a decade. Read More

Retailers prime targets for data theft

Dealership finance and insurance offices, vulnerable targets for hacking or data breaches, are being hit by a rise in cybercrimes.Read More

Lender apps offer customers value for data

Financial services companies are launching apps in hopes of collecting a greater volume of consumer data in exchange for offering features that customers will value.Read More

New ideas needed to lift EV residuals

Automakers need to work with dealers and look for new opportunities to collaborate as they position themselves to sell EVs in today's market.Read More

Titan adds gears for more power

The 2020 Nissan Titan full-size pickup debuts a new Japan-made nine-speed transmission, which the automaker said delivers on the No. 1 demand from truck buyers.Read More

2019 Automotive News All-Stars: A stellar evening

There were cheers — and even a few happy tears — during the Automotive News All-Stars ceremony in downtown Detroit last week.Read More

Trump?s NAFTA rewrite advances with crucial labor endorsement

Robert Lighthizer and Jared Kushner will travel to Mexico Tuesday to sign off on changes in the trade deal. And in a signal that final amendments could be in hand, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also is reportedly traveling to Mexico.Read More

Staff training, vendor rules can help prevent breaches

Experts offer these tips to help dealerships prevent — or cope with — a cyber data breach or attack through the F&I office.Read More

Lenders brace for privacy laws

Auto lenders are preparing for scrutiny — prompted by a spate of data breaches and pending laws — about how consumers' personal data is used and secured.Read More

Manufacturing materials count in vehicles' impact on planet

It's good for the auto industry, good for consumers and good for our planet to see increasing awareness throughout the automotive supply chain, where a true accounting of vehicles' impact on the environment includes the total life cycle, including materials.Read More

Mercedes slots a B between GLA and GLC

The new GLB is a three-row family-aimed compact crossover that Mercedes hopes will help the brand hang onto the young buyers it attracted with the affordable GLA.Read More

FCA may face $1.5 billion tax bill related to Italy exit

As part of the transaction that changed the company's official address when it moved its official home to the Netherlands, according to the Italian tax authorities, FCA underestimated the value of Chrysler.Read More

Machines drive new marketing efforts

Proponents of machine learning and artificial intelligence say computers are more efficient than humans, though the technology is not yet widely adopted at dealerships.Read More