Benelux law firm AKD keeps in step with growth of Asian market and expands Asian practice

Benelux law firm AKD expands its Asian practice with the arrival of Hyunju Park, Kaori Ishikawa and Xian Kong. Hyunju focuses on the Korean market, Kaori on Japan and Xian on China. Erwin Rademakers, AKD’s managing partner, who is also responsible for the firm’s Asian practice, explains: “The business sector in Korea, Japan and China is growing rapidly, and the outlook for the coming years is positive. To meet our clients’ international demands, we have now established three dedicated country desks: our Korea Desk, Japan Desk and China Desk. We have been working for many years with native speakers from these countries. The arrival of Hyunju, Kaori and Xian allows us to enhance and expand the advisory services we offer to our clients”.

Over the past years, AKD has seen the market, its clients and the type of work internationalise, and the firm is pro-actively anticipating this trend. More native speakers, colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, bilingual communications within the firm (Dutch and English), and the opening of the Luxembourg office last year are all examples of this. Jeroen Pop, who manages the firm’s Asian practice together with Rademakers, clarifies: “We are getting more business from Asian companies wanting to invest in the Benelux and in Europe, and from Dutch companies wanting to expand to Asia. AKD’s dedicated country desks help our Asian clients to navigate the Benelux. At the same time, the Asian country desks advise Dutch companies on expanding to Asia, through our close working relationship with leading law firms based in Korea, Japan and China”.

In addition to the dedicated Asian country desks, AKD also has a German Desk, Turkish Desk and USA Desk, all of which form fully integrated teams that assist our clients in their global activities from start to finish.