Manufacturing Technologies

RFID-Coded Weld Tools

Herrmann Ultrasonics introduces two features to ensure more safety when changing welding tools with-in the production process. Read More

Behlman VPXtra 3U OpenVPX Power Products

Behlman Electronics’ latest pair of power solutions make it possible for system designers to have both 800 W output available, and energy storage for 50 milliseconds when needed for critical MIL-STD-704 performance. Behlman VPXtra™ 800A is a 3U, Open VPX, VITA 62 compatible high-power AC-DC power supply. Read More

Nikon ModelMaker H120 Handheld Scanner

The ModelMaker H120 incorporates blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials, this represents the next genera-tion of portable laser scanning. Read More

Spectroline Fanless LED UV-A Inspection Lamps

The UV-365SBLC and UV-365MSBLC are compact, IP rated inspection lamps and can be used in any MPI/LPI nondestructive evaluation that requires ASTM E3022-15 and Rolls Royce RRES 90061 Com-pliance, including Aviation and Aerospace NDT. Read More

ATOS Capsule Blue Light Precision 3D Scanner

The new high-performance ATOS Capsule delivers exceptional 3D data quality with high precision accuracy for 3D measurement and dimensional inspection of small to medium sized parts. Read More

Keyence IM-7000 Measurement System

Keyence will be featuring the recently released IM-7000 Series Instant Measurement system at The Quality Show 2017!  Read More

Marposs i-Wave2 Manual Gage

Marposs’ wireless i-Wave2 manual gauge with an integrated 1.8 in. color display puts measurement capability directly into the user’s hand, helping save time and money.  Read More

FARO Quantum Arm

The FARO® QuantumS Arm: FARO’s most accurate arm ever. Exceptional ergonomics. Read More

LECO PX400/PX500 Grinder/Polisher

LECO introduces the new PX400/PX500 grinder/polisher series to their lineup of metallographic products. Read More

Mahr Micromar Built-In Wireless Technology

The Micromar® family of micrometers use the same Mahr wireless data transmission capability as integrated within MarCal™ digital calipers and MarCator digital indicators. Read More

HIGH-QA Inspection Manager eXplorer

Inspection Manager eXplorer enables unattended, paperless, real time, retrieval of digital measurement. Read More

HIGH-QA Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager will automatically extract manufacturing and inspection requirements from any 2D print. Read More

New Profilm3D High Resolution Optical Profiler

The Profilm3D provides nanometer scale “Z” resolution for just $25K. Its unique optical interferometric measurement mechanism allows measurement of roughness, precision step heights, and surface finish with nanometer precision and repeatability. Read More

SRI Quality System Registrar Services

SRI Quality System Registrar is an accredited, U.S.-headquartered, international registrar offering registration and training services. Read More

Western Gage Micro IIi Air Gage

Western’s Micro IIi Air Gage Readouts provides fast and accurate measurements of internal and external diameters.  Read More

Vision Engineering Swift PRO Duo

Vision Engineering Launches the Swift PRO Duo, a non-contact measuring system incorporating both video and award winning optical technologies, allowing for seamless switching between video and optical measurements. Read More

MicroRidge MobileCollect Wireless

MobileCollect is compatible with any gage and any software. This allows you to choose the best gage devices and software application for your situation.  Read More

Phillips Modular Fixture Tower

Phillips modular fixture tower of 2 in. blocks can be built both vertically and horizontally with pivot options. Read More

Brunson KinAiry

KinAiry is the comprehensive, independent solution for laser tracker evaluation, utilizing NIST’s Interim Field Test Procedure IR-80161. Read More

Bruker UMT TriboLab Tribology System

Bruker’s UMT TriboLab™ can perform practically every common tribological test on nano and micro scales with higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement than any of its predecessors or competitors, plus it introduces powerful new features for improved efficiency and ease-of-use. Read More